The present general term conditions control the use of distinct contents and services included or accesible through the Web developed by Promyges, S.A., located in this address: www.promyges S.A. Only by using the web you are acquiring the condition of user. The use of this Web, and teh aceptance as user, without complaints, of all the general conditions that rule the use of this Web or the services related to the same.

Services through the Web:

The web offers this services:

- Information service about vehicles accesories and about the Promyges firm.

- Aplication services online about the Promyges catalog or about our dealers.

- Any other service that in the future could be included in the Web.

PROMYGES reserves the right to modify the configuration of the Web, as well as all the services and the use conditions required, without derived rights for the user.

Users obligations:

User obligates, in a general way, using the Web as well as his services in a different way, according the law, moral, public order, as well as the general and particular conditions arranged in his application, and abstaining to use it in any form that could prevent the normal operation or enjoy of the Web or his services for the users, or that could vulnerate the rights and goods of Promyges, his dealers, users, or in general, any other involved.

Intelectual and Industrialist Property:

The user recognize all and each one of the elements of the web, and of any other service, information, graphic material, his structure, selection, arrangement and presentation of his contents and the computer programs used in relation with the same, are protected by intelectual and industrialist property rights of the own one Promyges or by any other involved. Unless there was authorized specifically by Promyges or, in its case by those any other person involved of the corresponding rights, the user could not reproduce, transform, modify, dismount, to make inverse ingeniery, distribute, rent, lend, make available or allow public access to the public through any kind of public comunication of any of the elements referred before. The user could not make any commercial operation in a direct or indirect way of the services, the materials, elements and information obtained through the Web.

Some photo represented in a isolated way, could differ slightly from the reality. The representation in the Webof them doesn't represent in any way a contractual compromise. Any doubt, contact by phone or by e-mail with our Comercial Department.

Protection of Personal Data:

To the effects of the predicted thing by the Organic Law 15/1999, from December 13th, about Data Protection of Personal Character, Promyges inform the user of the existence of an automatized of personal data.